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Ekasis QMS Quality Management System
"You will make a new friend with the sole mission of quality control!"

Records the documents by tracking all revisions
Authorization is granted for accessing document groups via user authorities.
Keeps the files as embedded in the database
Unlimited number of documents can be stored
Perfect printout designs can be created by using existing Excel designs of the enterprise
Documents, images, e-mails can be stored in association with any records within the system

Records documents and consecutive revisions of documents
Files stored in the database in association with the revisions
Publishing and collecting revisions
Tracking controlled copies

Flexible solution that ensures taking printouts by transferring the recorded information to Excel files that have been created by corporate designs.

Document storage of the enterprise is fully supported in this way.
Allows editing before taking printouts
Unlimited freedom in print out designs thanks to the features of Excel
Transferring data to Excel as well as importing data from Excel and recording it, this will enable generating data out of complex results that cannot be conducted by the software.
Ability to design printouts without any professional support or technical training
Saving generated printouts in association with a record

Product lists or product structures are not Bill of Materials! Possibility to make comparative analysis through the Bills of Materials generated by establishing superior-subordinate hierarchical relations
Common or distinctive parts among two or more products
Semi-finished products, parts in a product
Heat-treated parts, plastic stoppers, zinc-coated parts in an enterprise or in chosen products
What is the weight of a product?
All products, semi-finished products where the chosen part is used and many more analyses

Customer returns, internal production returns, and failure notices
Incoming Quality Control Failure Notices
Follow-up of Rejection Regions
Analysis of customer returns
Analysis of internal production returns

Keeps detailed records of measuring instruments, if requested; they can be defined and recorded in additional corporate information
Keeps record of calibrations conducted within or outside of the premises and of internal verification records
Gives a warning about the next date of calibration one month in advance
Notifies about delayed and unreturned devices from calibration process
Follows up the maintenance of measuring instruments and monitors maintenance costs
Keeps traceable loggings of deactivation and re-commissioning procedures
Follows up costs of any measuring instruments
Designs and print outs calibration labels
Failure notices and corrective preventive actions initiated for those failure notices
Follow up of rejection regions, rejection boxes
Monitoring, follow-up of corrective preventive actions, closure of CPAs.
Supervision of CPA teams
A pleasant practice which takes a CPA for the enterprise not for the auditor.
What is Ekasis QMS?
It is the software, which allows logging, and traceability of the entire actions with regard to the quality control processes within an enterprise. It has been created by observing the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Why to prefer Ekasis Software?
As Ekasis Software, we design our products in a way that even the smallest enterprise could operate, backup and improve them. When doing that we do not compromise on data storage and security features in any way. Our software programs are designed with standard interfaces that are all easy to discover, perceive, and learn. They do not confine users to strict rules; they allow corporate customization of its users.  As printouts use your embedded Excel designs in a creative method, you can prepare any printouts as freely as allowed by Excel; your existing corporate Excel templates are used and the established corporate consistency is continued. Ekasis software solutions do not captivate customers. If preferred, all data can be imported via common tools and customer can move on without Ekasis. 

Why software is essential in quality control process?
The alternative solution instead of using software means storing hundreds of different Excel lists in various computers used in an enterprise. Logging discipline of those records cannot be monitored, data security cannot be provided for those records, lists of records can be accessed by very few people. Due to the restricted nature of Excel, the essential superior-subordinate hierarchical connections cannot be established among existing Excel lists as they are supposed to be and actually beneficial analyses cannot be conducted at all. Even if you are sure that everything is recorded meticulously, you cannot access the information and analyze it; eventually problems are never reduced.  All transactions regarding the Quality Control constitute the most valuable corporate memories. You should not confine the memory of your business to disorganized Excel lists and put into achieve by the end of each year.

What creates our difference from similar software programs?
Ekasis QMS has a different configuration compared to other software programs. The other software solutions are designed with the assertion of taking over and carrying out the entire operational procedures within a quality control process. This assertiveness is always doomed to become inadequate against the complexity of the nature of Quality Control. However, Ekasis QMS is focused on storing the main lists and gives priority to traceability. It correlates all the required datasets and provides you with some tools to analyze the complex superior-subordinate relations that are built by those correlations. This preference both provides a perfect traceability as primarily required and gives a reassuring sense of simplicity about the software overall.

So do we only conduct listings? What about other numerous forms such as SPC, Incoming Quality Control forms?
Ekasis QMS has given priority to generating perfect main traceability listings. Additionally, we create all forms to be completed at your enterprise, keep related records interrelated and ensure their traceability. Instead of specially designed modules that are embedded in the software, we use your existing Excel forms of your own designs. Unlike from the previous practices, the software opens the related Excel file on its own database, completes it as you have defined, you can do editing if necessary and store it within the software in association with that respective record. Thanks to this solution, an enterprise shall continue working with the accustomed forms, and even improve and vary those forms. For a better understanding of the issue, please check Ekasis QMS Printout preparation help page.

Would your software allow our enterprise for any exclusive add-ons?
For the purpose of creating modules, which could be commonly used by any enterprise, Ekasis has endeavored to build general quality control proceedings that are already universalized as simple as possible. If your request complies with this principle of ours, in other words if it would be beneficial for other users as well, you may add this on to the software even within a few hours free of charge, and this new and not even remotely humble module instantly starts running with full features like the rest of the software. If your special request is oriented to an exclusive need of ours, you can purchase the service at a reasonable cost and own that logging module on short notice. 

What sort of investment is required for Ekasis QMS?
Ekasis designs all products to be downloaded and installed via internet all over the world and to be easily learned by intuitive perception without asking for any technical support. Thanks to its well-analyzed and meticulously created data design layout, Ekasis QMS is perfectly designed to carry all payloads at enterprises of any size without any additional investments or staff support. Ekasis designs its products to be easily operated even by the smallest enterprises. You can download our software that includes the same features with the full version via internet and start learning or using the software right now.
All monitoring screens designed in the configuration of the tree in the next figure are almost identical.
Documents, files, images, and e-mails can be associated with the records and stored in the database by using the instruments existing in all standard monitoring screens. Any record can be published or submitted for approval via e-mail. Access to record lists and fields can be authorized. Records can be associated with any other record in its own list or in another list. For instance, you can display the measuring instruments, standards, or parts that are associated to a document. In this way, we will be aware of everything that could be affected by any record. Records can be transferred to Excel. Excel-supported special printouts can be designed as free as Excel would allow and filled out by the software. 
Once you discover the first two screens out of the hundreds of screens you have met in this software, it means you have already discovered 90% of the software.

Use Excel and design your own printouts without being obligated to any software developer. This creative solution will let you design your own printouts with your current Excel competence without the necessity to learn extra staff. All you have to do is to define which data in the software will be written in which cell in the Excel form of your own design. Then when you click print your Excel file will be filled out with the data to be transferred from the database and if you wish, this printout will be kept as an attached file of the related record.

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Documents are hierarchically classified and recorded. Revision follow-up is conducted for each document and related files are stored in the database in association with the revision records.
Access authorization can be configured. Distribution, publication, and collection of documents are all recorded.

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Bill of Materials with established superior-subordinate connections can be generated out of product lists and comparative complex analyses can be conducted accordingly. For instance, analyses of the products, semi-finished products in which a certain part is used or common parts, various parts between two products, all parts used in one product etc.

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The software generally provides a substantial barcode support. If requested, barcodes can be added on the prepared printouts and those barcodes are scanned to open related record list and to display a record. Barcode data includes an amendment counter, which enables you to see if any record connected to that barcode has been amended after the printout in your hand. Thanks to this feature, you can instantly find out about outdated printouts through barcode scanning.

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With Ekasis QMS, you can follow up the work orders and operational orders in the production process, you can keep record of production-related defects, Corrective Preventive Actions, occupational accidents, procedures, and almost anything essential, and you can trace them all backwards.