Ekasis Easy Form
Design Your Own Office Software
If you can't find the software you're looking for your office, create and develop it your own.

Thanks to the Ekasis Easy Form, you can have an excellent program even easier than preparing Excel lists.

Below is a simple example to track the Excel Companies List you use in your business with this software.

With the computer literacy of an average office worker, you can track your Excel records in 5 minutes with this software as shown below.

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Your output is prepared in the same way, practically as everything else in this software. You can easily create output packages that automatically transfer data to existing Excel forms. In this way, your corporate consistency does not break with different outputs.

With the file management system of the software, you can keep, share and authorize your files on the network, and use the software for your document management and paperless office needs.

Technical Specifications

System Requirements
Computers with Windows 7 or later OS
32 or 64 bit processor
Net Framework 4.5.1 or later (software installation will guide you unless previously installed)
Microsoft Office Outlook and Excel on user PCs (for mailing and output)
Barcode scanner

Installation and Backup
The installation of the software is completed by installing the Demo program downloaded from Ekasis.com to the computers and then by purchasing the license key sequence and setup password from Ekasis.

The data can be backed up easily by storing the selected Database folder on preferred external disks and recovering them when necessary.

Database System
The software has multilingual support. It has English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic support. Apart from these, if requested by the user, definitions in other languages can also be added.

Ekasis Easy Form Program works with the SQLite Database.

You can learn more about the database at its official website:

Software Programming Language
Microsoft Visual Studio VB .NET

Network Setup

Network share is provided by selecting an empty folder with write permission that all computers can see on the network.

Desktop Application
Large organizations, especially the public and defense industry, do not allow data to be kept on remote servers. Documents, technical drawings, valuable data that constitute the corporate memory of the enterprise should not be kept on remote servers, which have no known location, which are open to attack and have an unknown future. Everything is kept inside the enterprise with our system. Your documents are not stored in the databases, but in the well-known folder system in your server.

Software Outputs and Your Forms
Our software has a design feature that supports the existing operation of the enterprises, without any damage. Of course the software does not mandate its own output templates. Instead of new outputs forms, the software uses existing Excel forms of your enterprise for output. The only difference is that these forms are filled in and saved by the software, not you. We produced a neat solution that transfers the data in the software to the relevant cell in Excel with simple packages defined by you.

Ekasis Document Management System
Ekasis Easy Form software offers a paperless office by providing an adequate document management system. Revisions, publication, distribution and collection of documents are recorded. It is possible to add authorization for the access to the file management system. The operations made are recorded in log files.

Attachments outside the file management system can also be stored for each record. You can attach files and emails received in Outlook to your records by drag and drop. You can fill your existing Excel forms with the packages you define, and save them as attachments to the relevant records.

Record Attachments
If desired, attachments outside the document management system can be attached to the records of the data sets in the Ekasis Easy Form software. Although these are part of the document management system, they are associated with the relevant records. The tool seen on the right of the picture above shows the files added to the selected record. These can be the error pictures, photos, reports, notes, or incoming or outgoing emails related to that record. You can add emails with drag-and-drop from Outlook, and then open them and reply with a simple click if you want. These attachments are saved in the server as real files, together with their metadata associated with the records. Therefore, these files are not only stored in the software. Other than that, there is a note taking field, encrypted with strong encryption algorithms that cannot be broken in order to keep your corporate secrets safe.

Barcode Usage
The software has versatile barcode tools to use. A barcode is generated for each record and can be displayed on the outputs and lists you define. Barcodes of each record also contain a modification index. This feature helps you to open only the relevant record when you scan the barcode of the document at hand, as well as telling you whether the document is up-to-date. Hence, you can easily answer the auditors' favorite question 'How do you know if this document is up to date?

Revision Tracking
A separate revision counter is kept for each record. In addition, another revision counter is kept for each data set list. These can be used as the modification index in the main list outputs and outputs of selected records. In addition, scanning barcode displays the relevant record, as well as indicating whether the document is up-to-date. The software keeps a log file every time you produce an output, and if you make changes, it will list older versions of your output with details.

Customer Security
The applications installed with the Ekasis Easy Form installation cannot communicate on the Internet, excluding one exception. The only exception is that Microsoft Outlook can also send correspondence emails in the outgoing mail folder. Ekasis does not store, use, or share user data with third parties in any way. We do not share confidential information of our customers and also we do not use our customers as a reference without permission. Ekasis Software does not perform any suspicious task at the background, it only executes the expected task. If deemed necessary, the source of the purchased software can be examined and compiled under their supervision in our company, and a secure custom installation package can be created. Ekasis does not use third party ActiveX ready components in the products and writes all their software with Microsoft Visual Studio tools.

You can purchase it safely via the worldwide used service 2checkout.com

Invoice information and e-mail address must be entered correctly in the product sales screen.

The e-mail information is the reference information you will use when obtaining a license on this website.

The refund conditions shall be governed by the rules in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey. The full refund process is started within 30 days after the purchase of the software products.